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I am Marra Virtudes, a wandering artist from the city of Antipolo. I can do illustration, graphic design, branding, web design, photography, layout and game

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Here are some of the things that I made with my heart and soul!

Great Adventures

T-shirt design

Alpha Chi

T-shirt design

Pink AXO

T-shirt design

Saved by the Bid

T-shirt design

Wika Mo, Wika Ko

Front page of an Interactive Storybook


Vector art of Jose Rizal

Crystal Hunter

 A game I made about capturing the finest crystals in town.

Hoop on Bottle

Game about a popular circus game in the Philippines

Fear Factor

Game design on fear and conquering it

Her Cosmos

 Character illustration for a contest


 Web design study of Tolentino app

Pocket Watch

Close up shot of a pocket watch

Sebago Wicklow Penny Cognac

Product shot for Sebago

French Sole

 Leopard Embellishment Baby Pink

Cushe Grey Slipper

Father’s Day product shot

Sebago Docksides Horween Red

Product shot of Sebago


   Photography about the rampant crimes in our country


Taken during Tonight Alive’s Concert in Manila


Would he still want to wake up?

Nonexistent line

A conceptual photo that shows the limitless boundary of the sexes

Uh oh

Conceptual photo about cookies


  Photo about the equality of the sexes

3D Character Art

3D Character design rendered in AutoCAD

Gray 3D

 Character design done in AutoCAD

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Address: Antipolo City, PH

Mobile: 09369974909